How To Donate iPad To Charity

Are you one of the countless numbers of people who rush out to buy the newest Apple iPads as soon they are released? If you are unsure of what to do with the one you purchased less than a year ago, consider donating to a charity, such as Giving Center, that will find it a new home. Giving Center will accept Apple iPads as well as all types of tablet computer donations.

Donating your tablet PC, Ipad, Surface Pro Tablets, Android tablet, Windows Tablet, 2-in-1 Tablet or tablet accessories is simple. A tablet donation will make an amazing difference to organizations and families in need of support. Your formerly must-have piece of technology will be passed along to a deserving nonprofit, classroom, or individual in need.

To start the donation process with the Giving Center, you must fill out the online form found here. A representative will reach out to you within a couple of business days once your contact form is submitted.

If you wish to prepare your device for donation, you can follow the quick instructions below regarding backing up your valuable information and clearing your device.

Backing up and Clearing Your Device Before Donation

The iCloud backup feature stores your information on a remote online server in case it is lost or erased from your device. It will sadly store your information to be used with any other apple products you may have. In order to do this, you must first connect your iPad to Wi-Fi. Make sure you plug in your iPad’s power cord into a wall outlet or other power source. On your home screen, select “Settings” and then select “Wi-Fi.” If your iPad is connected you will see a blue checkmark next to the network’s name.

If you are not connected to a network, re-enter the password and try to connect again. If you are having difficulty connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you can try restarting your iPad and try again.

Tap on the iCloud banner and initiate a back up of your device. In the Settings menu, select the iCloud and then “This iPad.” Select “iCloud Backup” and continue with “Back Up Now.” You should wait for a message that tells you the back up is completed before closing out.

Now all that is left is to reset your iPad, this will erase all the content and settings. Launch Settings again and select “General.” Scroll to the bottom and select “Reset.” Choose “Erase All Content and Settings” and confirm when prompted. Your iPad will now return to its original factory settings once the process is complete.

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