Charitable Yacht Donation

Yacht Donation gives donors an alternative to the time and expense involved in selling or trading vessels. Donors benefit from negating holding costs while obtaining a reasonable tax deduction from a safe, reputable charity.

The process is very convenient and all proceeds raised by the yacht donation support mission to help youth develop into responsible and productive citizens. In doing so we help protect public safety and positively impact youth and their families by helping them separate a troubled past from a bright future.

Giving Center has a team of full-time experts working on yacht donations all year round. Their team has decades of experience in the yachting industry and is committed to protecting you, the donors.

Giving Center’s Yacht Donation Program will make sure the funds from your donated yacht go to a great cause. When you donate yacht, it’s a lot easier than putting an expensive advertisement in the paper, taking repeated phone calls, showing your boat off to different people, and then haggling over the sales price. Giving Center will use the full proceeds generated from your yacht donation to the fullest extent to make a meaningful impact on both communities and families.

On top of their effortless donation programs, Giving Center is an IRS approved 501©3 nonprofit organization. It benefits you because you can deduct the final sale price of your yacht from your taxable income. In most cases, you get a fair market value tax write-off because Giving Center may even make repairs the vehicle and gifts to a family in need of dependable transportation.

Still hesitant? Knowledgeable volunteers are available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding mating a yacht donation. Contact a volunteer today through their online form.

Volunteer with Giving Center. Dedicated to giving back to the community and those in need.